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Monday, November 28, 2011

Days Fly By

The past few weeks have been so busy around here.  Between seeing the geneticist, visiting my work friends, Thanksgiving, going to Long Island to visit my family, and planning Presley's Christening I barely have had any time to sit and write.

Since I last posted, Presley turned 2 months old.  He is getting so big and his personality is beginning to show.  He smiles at me all the time now and is starting to "laugh" at my silly faces.
Yea, I know he looks like a prisoner in that outfit, but I swear the stripes are blue and not black! LOL

The day before Thanksgiving, Don, Presley and I went to see the geneticist.  We had some questions that we needed answered.  The geneticist was fantastic and so super helpful. It was confirmed that Presley does have a true Trisomy 21 and that his Down Syndrome was just a fluke happening.  We also found that when we decide to have another baby, there is only a small percent chance that our next will have it.  Another Dr. had come in to see Presley (I think she was a respiratory doctor, or ear, nose & throat doctor) and she said he had no breathing trouble and looked great....well everything except his belly.  She had said it was hard and a bit distended due to him not pooping in a day.  Wouldn't you know the minute she left he went and his belly was soft again.  They were all very impressed with his overall strength and were commenting how they think he is going to roll over before we know it!!

After the appointment, I stopped by my work to visit my students then went to lunch for a bit with a few of my co-workers.  All of the girls just absolutely adored him.  He was passed around from one to the next,  and I assure you he didn't mind......I really think he enjoyed it!  I even think we was flirting with them!  By the end of the day he was exhausted!

Thanksgiving was a busy day too.  We went with Don's family for dinner and dessert.  It was the first time some of his family got to meet Presley.  And of course they loved him....

This past weekend we went to Long Island to visit my cousins for their birthdays.  It was a long car ride from home and Presley slept the ENTIRE way! I was so thankful that he did!  He woke up just as we arrived at the house and was greeted with smiles and everyone fighting over who would be the first to hold him.  He loved every minute of it.  He barely cried all day and really only did when he was hungry.  Napping was not an option for Presley as he was too interested in what was going on around him.  He wanted to be with the adults and see what was going on.  I tired to put him down in his travel bed for a nap when he had fallen asleep at one point in the early evening, and this is what we found when we checked on him a few minutes later...
Hello Mommy :o)

Today I spend the day shopping with my mom to get everything we need for Presley's Christening on Sunday.  He spent the day with his cousin Victoria (and my brother and sister-in-law, too).  She must have tired him out because he slept all the way home....we even stopped along the way to pick up Don from work. 
Don, Presley and Halo

This was the longest Halo stayed near Presley since he was born!  I think she is finally starting to get used to him being around.... and of course loving him too!

With all that has been going on I haven't had the opportunity to say how thankful I am for the unconditional support of my family and friends.  THANK YOU!  And a special thank you to my husband for being my everything....I LOVE YOU DON!

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  1. Aww Rachel -- thanks for sharing! Remember me? I'm the Tastefully Simple consultant that recruited your sister-in-law -- but an old time friend too. Congratulations!! He's is adorable. God Bless you all xox