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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I can't believe we are halfway thru December!

So I finally have an opportunity to sit and write tonight and I am upset with myself that I have not posted anything in the past 2 weeks!  I feel like I failed an assignment! LOL  The past few weeks have been so hectic!  A lot has happened since then so I am going to try to catch everyone up with what is going on with us.....

The day following Presley's 2 month birthday our neighbor Chris took some pictures of our little man.  He asked if he could take them because he wanted to practice taking photographs of a baby as he and his wife were expecting their first together in January.  Of course I was more than happy to let him take the pictures.  Presley was a good boy and even seemed to enjoy having his pictures taken....He is such a handsome boy!  Here are just a few of my favorites....  ***Thanks Chris and Zack!! & Congrats to Chris and Megan on their beautiful baby boy who was born this morning!

On Sunday December 4, 2011 Presley was christened at St. Anthony's Church in Hawthorne by Msgr. Kupke....the same priest who married Don and I.  It was important to us to have him christen Presley as he was such a big part of Don's young life (Don went to catholic school).  There were 3 other babies there that day, and out of the 4 of them, Presley was the best behaved.  When Msgr. Kupke anointed his chest with oil, Presley reached out and grabbed his finger and would not let go.  It was such a special moment.  I felt this was Presley's way of saying that he was ready to be welcomed into the church.  Then of course it was time for the holy water to be poured over the heads, and you can see the nervousness sneak onto the faces of the parents of the other children.  Of course as soon as the water ran over their little heads, they began to cry... Then it was Presley's turn....Msgr. Kupke called us up and began pouring the holy water over his head, and he didn't make a sound.  He actually seemed to enjoy it! (which I knew he would since he LOVES his tubby). 

Then came the most stressful part to me....the after-party!  I can honestly say I will NEVER throw another party like that again.  I think it was harder and more stressful than planning my wedding!! 

The day after the christening Early Intervention finally came.  They asked a ton of questions and attempted to "play" with Presley.  Unfortunately he was in no mood to play.  He was so tired and just wanted to sleep (which was my fault because I gave him a bath right before they arrived because he still smelt of the oils).  He fussed and cried and was angry, which was completely atypical for him.  Thankfully they didn't mind at all.  The meeting lasted about 2 - 2 and 1/2 hours and when all was said and done they were extremely impressed.  They said he has fantastic muscle tone and was showing strengths that most typical infants don't.  The speech therapist commented on how well his mouth tone was and how he kept his mouth closed and how (after he took a cat nap) he was "talking with me".  They actually even questioned if his Down Syndrome was a true Trisomy 21 diagnosis or if the genetic test had shown mosaicism.  The test shows a true Trisomy 21.  When they left Don and I were feeling extremely positive.

The next day I got the call from my work that we had miscalculated my maternity leave and that it was actually ending that FRIDAY and I was expected to be in work MONDAY!!!  I had a panic attack! My baby sitters were all set for my return January 3.  So I spent the next few days scrambling to set up someone to watch Presley. Fortunately my work was understanding that I could not get a sitter for everyday until December 23 and are allowing me to work 2 days this week and only 2 days next week. Thankfully my mother and sister-in-law were able to help Monday and today while I went to work.  And I know it didn't take too much convincing lol

Saturday Presley got to meet Santa again (this Santa is my favorite).  He and his cousin Victoria got a chance to take a picture with Santa at Fairfield Gardens.   With a bit of hesitation, Victoria sat next and held Presley's hand like she promised...

After a great weekend (which went too fast) I had to get ready for my first day back at work....which I was not happy about.  With much hesitation I awoke Monday morning and got ready for work.  My drive was a quick one since Presley and I stayed at my parents the night before (my mom was watching him).  I actually kept myself composed and didn't cry at all on my drive.  I felt good and thought maybe I was ready to go back. I walked in the door and saw the surprised look on my co-workers faces to see me there.  As soon as Joanne put her arms around me I began to cry.  I thought wrong.  I was not ready to be back...and I definitely did not want to be there.  Fortunately for me, I had to leave at 1:30.  Early Intervention was coming for the IFSP meeting at 3:30 and I needed to pick up the baby and then drive the hour home.  I made it right on time.

The IFSP meeting went well.  We reviewed my pregnancy history to make sure everyone had been on the same page and the therapists recommended the services they believed he needs.  I was relieved to find out they only recommend a physical therapist come to the house once a month for the next 3 months.  We set a few goals which I know Presley will meet in time.  I am looking forward to setting up the first appointment in January!  Hopefully he will be sitting on his own by the time the 3 months is up!

Today was my second day back to work and was a lot easier than I had anticipated.  I seemed to fall back into the groove of things and actually kind of remembered the programming of my students!  I just hope I remember everything when I go back next Thursday!

OK so with all of that finally written, I can hope that I will be updating more frequently before the end of the year (OMG!)  I still have yet to decorate for Christmas and finish my shopping....Hopefully I can get everything done without losing my mind!! If by some chance I do not get to write again soon....Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday!!!

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  1. How awful to have had your maternity leave miscalulated. Good for you for going back, it must have been so hard.
    He is so gorgeous and is very advanced for his age/diagnosis, what a blessing. I love reading baby blogs! :)