Congratulations! It's a Boy

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Big Changes

So for the first time in a long time, I turned on my laptop to write.  A lot has happened in the past few months.  My little boy is getting bigger before my eyes. 

He is a little over 5 months old and moving all over the place.  He rolls from front to back then back to front.  He just never stops moving and I know once he figures out how to crawl, there will be no stopping him.  That makes me nervous.

                                                               Rolling over in my crib

Ok, so lets see what else has been happening....

Early Intervention has officially begun.  The physical therapist has come 2x and just can't believe the progress Presley has made in a few short weeks.  I of course have to thank everyone who watches him while I am at work.  They are the ones who work with him on a daily basis to make sure his "therapy" is being done.  And of course with their help, while on his belly, Presley pushes himself up on his arms.  We are now working on him getting his legs under his butt to he can push himself up on all 4's. 

At 4 months old the pediatrician had said that I could start Presley on cereal.  We did the usual rotation of 3 days of rice, 3 days of oatmeal, then 3 days of barley two times a day (breakfast & dinner).  To our surprise the Dr. didn't want me to mix the cereal in the bottle.  So we bit the bullet and mixed cereal and formula in a bowl and fed him with a spoon.  HE LOVED IT!!!  He took to the cereal so well that on his 5th month birthday the pediatrician said I can start feeding him vegetables for dinner in place of his cereal.  And to my surprise he enjoyed it.  He has had peas, carrots and green beans so far and LOVES each and every one of them!  He actually opens his mouth and says "aaahhh"!  And when he doesn't, I sing to him! HAHA Who would have thought that singing a song (happy birthday) would get him to finish his dinner!   I can't wait for him to try fruit!

                                                    Eating cereal for the first time.....

                                                                          Peas - Day 1
                                                                       Peas - Day 2

Presley also has been spending time in his exersaucer while home and at my mothers house.  Every day he gets stronger and jumps more and more and seems to be having fun..... What do you think???

Now a little bit about what has been going on with me.....I have been back to work full time since January.  And the transition was really difficult.  I was having a really tough time and cried a lot.  But of course as the days went on it got easier and easier.  Sometimes, because of the length of my commute and my mother watching Presley on Mondays and Tuesdays, I would stay by my parents house to make it easier on me.  Of course he doesn't sleep as good there as he does at home, but who can really complain.  I enjoy my quiet time with him and when I wake up to this face, my day is made :o)


Now for a little secret.....that's not so much a secret anymore.  While on maternity leave I got a call for an interview to teach 7, 8 & 9 year old Autistic children in a public school.  I went on the interview at the end of December not really expecting anything.  A few days later I received a call back for a 2nd interview with the Superintendent!  I found out that the job came down to myself and another woman.  Ultimately they chose her for the position, but liked  me so much they offered me a job with a new Pre-School ABA program within the school.  Of course I immediately accepted!  I was going to be teaching preschoolers! But that quickly changed in an odd twist.....Something happened with the other woman and she was no longer going to be teaching in the district.  So, now, instead of Pre-K, I will be teaching the children I initially interviewed for.  After four and a half years, yesterday was my last day at IEA.  It was so bitter sweet.  I am sad to leave my students but am happy that I have the opportunity to work with new kids.  I am really sad to leave the friends I have made.  It was really strange walking out the door yesterday at 5pm knowing that it was the last time.  But I look forward to Monday to when I will walk through the doors for the first time at my new job with new co-workers and new students.  I think the best part of this job is the hours...Instead of leaving work at 4:45, I get to walk out the door at 3:30!!!  Which means I get to spend so much more time with my baby.  And that makes me happy about these big changes