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Friday, July 6, 2012

Hardly a Moment

I feel like such a slacker!  It has been just about 2 and a half months since I last posted.  Things have been so hectic since I started my new job.  I come home exhausted and go to bed as soon as Presley is alseep. 

But enough about me.....

Presley is doing fantastic.  He is 8 months old today!  The time has been flying by.... this is what I was beginning to write the last time I logged on.  Unfortunately I never sat back down to finish writing.  ugh .....

Well a lot has happened since my last attempt at posting.  Presley 9 months old now and is doing amazing. 

Early Intervention is still only coming once a month just to check on his progress.  He is still not sitting up on his own yet and is in the early stages of crawling.  I think once he SLOWS DOWN he will do them both.  He is always in motion.  Even when sitting my lap, he is constantly moving around checking out his surroundings.  He is so observant!  I think that is why he loves his exersaucer so much!  He gets a full 360* view of the room!  

Everyday Presley amazes me with the new things he learns!  He picks up his snacks all by himself and is beginning to show interest in his spoon when he is eating.  He keeps trying to grab it out of my hand.  I give him a clean one to play with and he is actually getting the spoon part in his mouth after a few tries.  I am still a bit hesitant to actually give him food to feed himself with!  It has just been too hot outside to bring him out there with his highchair to let him try.  Hopefully a cool day is coming so he can try!!

We had a very relaxing 4th of July here at home.  We stayed inside and just enjoyed our time as a family.  Just the 3 of us!  It was the first time in a while that we had no where to be.  We sat and watched TV all day and stayed out of the heat.  When it got dark, we turned on the Macy's Fireworks.  Presley was attached to the TV.  He loved watching the colorful fireworks and listening to the music.  He thought it quite hysterical when Don and I would try to sing along.  Check out Presley sporting his patriotic diapers!

So a few weeks ago I tried getting Presley to go in the pool.  Me, Presley, Aunt Rosie, Aunt Eileen and cousin Casey were over by my parents house to go swimming.  We all went in the pool and I was confident he would love it....boy was I wrong!  After being in the water for a few minutes, I think the vastness of the pool began to set in and he began to cry!  Aww my poor baby!  I just couldn't help but laugh! (I know, I know it mean but it is so funny).  My Aunt Rosie couldn't take him crying so she "rescued him from those meanies" in the pool.  A few days later while I was at work, my dad decided to take Presley into the pool.  And again, the tears began to flow... What was I going to do?  We are gong on cruise soon and Presley needs to go in the water.  How am I going to take him in knowing he is scared??  So on a suggestion, I went out and bought an infant tube that looks like a fish.  I can tell you....he LOVED it!!!!  And here is the smile to prove it!

I am looking forward to all the smiles and memories we will be making this summer.  And I look forward to sharing each one!!

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  1. Just keep taking him in the pool a few minutes at a time. Just have his lil toes in and slowly lower yourself.until he is all the way in. He will get used to it. Took lots of tears before cara liked it and now we are going through it with Eme too. Try singing twinkle twinkle little star. Whisper it in his ear as you bop around the pool. It might distract and relax him.